• “Hanna is a thoughtful musician centered around mastery of technique, artistry and expression, as well as precision. If you are looking for a teacher who is driven by learning and is extremely organized, Hanna is the the bassist for you. She is always creating calendars, lists, and other aids to help her reach her highest potential as she would with you. As a dedicated player, you can see and hear Hanna searching for new works that are unheard or by composers of color for example as well as through her most recent arranging projects of pieces she is most passionate about, all of which are components of the modern and innovative musician. Hanna also places ease of playing as a top priority for her and those around her encouraging experimentation in instrument set up, body warm up routines (yoga, stretching, Feldenkrais), and more.” – Hollie G. 2020
  • “Lessons with Hanna this summer were absolutely wonderful! She’s really helped me to be a more confident bass player and she’s fantastic at coming up with numerous exercises and tricks to solve a musical problem. I love the open ended approach she takes to bass playing and the fact that she really makes me think for myself, instead of being told what to do. ” – Ruth C. 2020
  • “I found that Hanna was very helpful and encouraging about developing a physically healthy way of playing the bass. The lesson she presented to me was also very organized and thought-out, and I find that I ended up greatly benefitting from it with a better understanding of relaxation and musicality through various levels of detail.” – Owen B. 2020

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