Hanna Wilson-Smith

Double Bass

Until Covid-19 is under control, I will not be doing in-person lessons. I am happy to do online lessons with anyone who has already studied the double bass for at least a month.

Bass Lessons

I love to teach people of all levels. I understand what different skills and ages require from a teacher, as well as how to help students reach their successes. Every individual comes with their own goals, hurdles, insecurities, and strengths, and it is my job to take their desire to learn and shape it.

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My Teachers

My mindset, ideals, teaching and playing styles have been shaped by many amazing professors. Find out who they are.

Half Hour Bass Lesson


Hour Bass Lesson


Hanna Wilson-Smith

Double Bass Teacher

Raleigh, North Carolina + Cleveland, Ohio


E-mail: hws@theatrewireless.com