Suzuki Double Bass Lessons

“Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill.” – Suzuki

Since the summer of 2021, Hanna has completed Units 1-3 Teacher Training for the Suzuki method; a comprehensive, family-oriented teaching method used for teaching young children how to make music with the goal of a beautiful sound from the beginning.

In the Suzuki method, parents are expected to be the “home teacher” and will take on a very strategic role in the student’s learning. Parents learn how to hold each part of the instrument, to play beginner songs, the processes of taking care of the instrument, how to lead a practice session, etc.

Suzuki Parents are responsible for enforcing a nurturing and effective learning environment by:

  • Active Listening: providing a space for student and family to listen to the Suzuki tunes CD frequently (passive and active listening)
  • Practice: guiding and assisting student practice everyday
  • Attendance: actively participating in lessons (and group classes if available) regularly
  • Notes: observing every lesson and taking notes

I believe in teaching my own version of the Suzuki-Vance method, which combines the expertly thought-out and nurturing principles of the Suzuki method with ever-evolving pedagogical concepts of Rabbath-influenced bass technique. My favorite teaching resources for this include the Suzuki books, the George Vance method books called Progressive Repertoire, and the Francois Rabbath Nouvelle Technique De La Contrebasse books for more advanced players.

Beginnings of Suzuki Lessons:

Phase 1:

Parent-teacher meetings.

Phase 2:

Parent lessons, find an instrument, collect other supplies.

Phase 3:

Student lessons begin (15-minute beginner lessons recommended).

Parent-teacher conferences.

Suzuki/Lesson Resources

  • Suzuki Book 1 CD – performed by Gary Karr
  • George Vance Progressive Repertoire volume 1 CD – performed by Francois Rabbath
  • Nurtured By Love (book) Shin’ichi Suzuki
  • Nurtured By Love: The Classic Approach To Talent Education (book) Shin’ichi Suzuki
  • Nurtured By Love (dvd) Shin’ichi Suzuki
  • Every Child Can! philosophy
  • For more:

“Perhaps it is music that will save the world”

– Suzuki

Fun Beginner Bass Song: the Goat Song (composed by Henry Peyrebrune)

Hanna is not currently accepting beginner Suzuki bass students. Feel free to reach out for more information or clarification.

Do you want to join the Suzuki Method family?

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