Double Bass Lessons

Not interested in the Suzuki method? That’s alright, I can help!

Double Bass lessons

Cleveland, Ohio

If you’re interested in bass lessons — but not for the Suzuki method — then you’ve come to the right place.

Does you or your child have school music you’d like help with?

Preparing for an upcoming audition for all-region orchestra?

Looking for someone to give you feedback on an audition list or solo piece you’ve been working on?

Searching for a new in-person or remote private bass teacher?

My Previous Teaching Experience:
  • Taught technique classes and private lessons at Peabody Bass Works on Zoom in 2021
  • I’m a regular substitute private lesson & group class bass teacher at the Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory department
  • Volunteered and taught group lessons at the International Society of Bassists Convention on Zoom in 2021
  • I currently run a private bass studio from my home
  • I’ve been teaching bass lessons at the non-profit organization Through The Staff for a year now!
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