Hanna Wilson-Smith

Hello and Welcome to my website!

I am currently an undergraduate double bassist at the Cleveland Institute of Music and I graduated from boarding high school at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2019. I’ve worked to absorb as much knowledge as I can about different ways to play the bass.

I am just over 5’1 and I play a 5/8 size double bass, standing primarily with a bent endpin. I enjoy experimenting with sitting while playing — both with and without the straight pin. I’ve taught bassists who sit and stand and I do not believe that one is any better than another — it’s personal preference, just like most aspects of bass playing.

Please reach out if you want to talk bass or have a lesson. Nothing makes me happier than sharing knowledge and learning from others.

  • 2017 – Transferred to University of North Carolina School of the Arts High School to study with Paul Sharpe

  • Summer, 2018 – Brevard Summer Music Festival with professor Craig Brown

  • 2019 – Started school at the Cleveland Institute of Music with Scott Dixon

  • 2020 – First Arranging project

  • 2020 – Suzuki Double Bass Unit 1 Teacher Training with Pedagogue Kate Jones

  • 2021 – Suzuki Double Bass Units 2 & 3 Teacher Training

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