365 Days of Bass Project

Let’s take charge of 2021!

one activity

five minutes

365 days of 2021

A few things to keep in mind: you CAN and SHOULD take breaks and days off as necessary. As always, if it hurts, STOP! Contact me if something doesn’t make sense or if you’d like some explanation. You can always make adaptations to the exercises. You’re also not required to participate everyday, but keep in mind that if you do this everyday, you will have done 365 new things every day of the entire year (about 1825 minutes, or 30.416 hours if you do 5 minutes each day). Keep up the good work, you got this!

As of now, there are 5 major categories:

Movie Monday — Record yourself playing something that you’ve been working on lately and post it on Instagram. Use the hashtag #MovieMondayPrac and tag me if you like @tinybassist19. The assignment for Monday will never change.

Technique Tuesday — I provide one technique for you to do every Tuesday. This shouldn’t substitute your usual technique routine, just add to it.

Word Wednesday — I provide the words, which you can turn into a rhythm variation and apply it to a scale or exercise as you like! Try to practice these fun rhythmic variations with different bowing patterns/slurs, different tempos, or even invent some rhythms of your own.

Thumb Thursday — I provide the thumb position technique, and you get to work building those callouses! If you have David Allen Moore’s book Fractal Fingering, you can also substitute his variations on what I suggest in the calendar.

Fast Friday — The goal here is for you to challenge yourself by pushing your upper limits of speed practice. Put the metronome on and up the tempo until you’re going a little faster than you’re comfortable with. Alternatively, playing fast is not always about moving our left hand fingers fast enough, sometimes we need to practice speedy string crossings, speedy shifts, a quick bow stroke…

Weekends — usually random, not always requiring you to play the bass.

Variation Suggestions

Every day, add previous challenges to the day’s routine. Ex: Monday, Jan 4 complete the assignments for both Sunday the 3rd AND Monday the 4th… on Saturday the 9th, perform the week’s challenges in a row (the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th days’ challenges). Restart each week.

Complete the challenge as written, then make up your own variation.

Zoom Call with a friend everyday so you can perform the challenges together! Or, organize a weekly Zoom check-in with friends/studio-mates. Teach each other the exercises, share what you’ve learned and what you felt took more or less effort to complete…

Do some research on each day’s challenges and find out what the people you admire have to say about them. For example, if you don’t know what “crab technique” is, do a search, ask your teacher or a friend. You may find out that there’s a whole part of your technique book that talks about it and you had no idea all along! (Crab Technique is mentioned in most if not all of the Rabbath “Nouvelle technique De La Contrebasse” books)

Resources worth mentioning…

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